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Since this, being my first live recording as a leader I have a very special feeling about this CD. It's with a band that I'm very proud of their input.

Michael Cochrane on piano, David Williams on bass, & Steve Johns on drums. We played originals of mine that I had the pleasure of recording in the past.

Hope you'll enjoy the new twist on some of them. Thank you, Sonny Fortune

This trio of CDs in the "Trilogy Collection" are, first, recordings I am very proud of. They are CDs that I feel are my best recordings (along with my "Continuum" CD) I've done up to now. They have great players on all of them as well as great music.(read more on CD baby)

CD 1 - Four in One: Four in One, Criss Cross, Reflections, Monk's Dream, Hornin' In, Coming on the Hudson, Trinkle Tinkle, Pannonica, Hackensack, Ask Me Now; Sonny Fortune - Alto Saxophone & Flute, Kirk Lightsey - Piano, Buster Williams - Bass, Santi Debriano - Bass, Billy Hart - Drums, Ronny Burrage - Drums

CD 2 - A Better Understanding: Mind Games, Laying it Down, Awakening, A Swing Touch, Never Again is Such a Long Time, It Ain't What it Was, It's a Bird, Tribute to Holiday, Long Before our Mothers Cried; Sonny Fortune - Alto & Soprano Saxophones and Flutes, Jerry Gonzalez - Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Congas, Robin Eubanks - Trombone, Kenny Barron - Piano, Wayne Dockery - Bass, Ronnie Burrage - Drums, Billy Hart - Drums, Steve Berrios - Percussion

CD 3 - From Now On: Glue Fingers, This Side of Infinity, From Now On, Come in Out of The Rain, Suspension, On Second and Fifth, Gift Of Love, Thoughts; Sonny Fortune - Alto Sax, Eddie Henderson, Trumpet, Joe Lovano - Tenor Sax, John Hickks, Piano, Santi Debriano - Bass, Jeff "Tain" Watts - Drums, Steve Berrios - Percussion

Notes from Sonny...
I would like to take this opportunity to speak about my new CD "CONTINUUM", just off the press October 2003. This album is one of the main reasons for which my web site was started (read more)

CONTINUUM: Trane and Things, Wayne-ish, Delilah, Sound's Silent, A Space in Time, Continuum, Mongo Blue, Five Four Trane, Nature Boy; Sonny Fortune - Alto Sax, George Cables, Piano, Wayne Dockery - Bass, Steve Johns - Drums, Steve Berrios - Percussion